Bougainvillea is the stuff of dreams—a showy vine covered with glamorous spots of colour—especially if you’re shovelling snow or bailing out floodwater. This South American vine goes hand in hand with sun-drenched courtyards and dusty desert sunsets; its colourful, frilly bracts shout Latin romance as clearly as a flamenco dancer’s skirts. Gardeners in colder climates […]

Flower reproduction

When it comes to reproduction, the birds and the bees certainly have a less complicated time of it than plants do. Did you know that whether or not a plant will bear fruit or seeds is an incredibly complex process, tied to the sex of the plant? That’s why some plants need a similar type […]


Warm rust, rich yellow, and burnt orange flowers top the tall, slim stems of sneezeweed (Helenium spp.) from late summer to the first frost. A native perennial at home in a prairie garden, it’s also found along streams, ponds, and moist meadowlands throughout North America. Most sneezeweeds reach 3 to 5 feet, so they fit […]

Pollen and how to pollenate

Pollen production can be a real pain, but for gardeners, an abundance of healthy, ripe pollen is the rich vein of gold that produces our most popular food crops, from apples and cucumbers to tomatoes and corn. Without pollination, most plant and animal life in our gardens—and on our planet—would cease to exist. Pollens are […]