Laurie superheroes at the Knacker Cracker

My first blog post comes after my first event of 2015. Slightly bleary eyed and being New Years day the Knacker Cracker 10K up and down Box Hill in a few different directions was the best way to see in the new year. Pipers piping en route, amazing fancy dress and a very cheery atmosphere makes this a top race.

Fancy dress this year was home made by Rufus and Sarah. I was the green flash (although on route called green goblin, ultimate hulk, Robin Hood and batman's girlfriend). Rufus was the Red Flash and took part in the kids race the nipper knacker.

Due to slightly warmer conditions and the recent rain the course was interesting. Mud, clay and chalk in varied consistencies made for slipping and sliding the way round as much as running.

The first descent (normally the finish) was tentative. Due to ankles prone to turning I'm more confident ascending than descending, overtaking many up and the opposite happening when returning to the bottom of the hill.

The next challenge for me came with the "new hill". We crossed the road at the bottom of Juniper to climb up towards Mickleham. It's a brutal climb, no chance of running up due to the deep steps with a slippery wooden lip on every one. High fiving runners on their return route back down was fun! Towards the top I looked right to see if I could spot runners ascending Juniper, the odd dot moving indicated the speedier in the field. Around the cone and back down we ran, no high fiving from me. I was avoiding falling. Well I did twice but somehow landed on my hands and no harm done. I was relieved to reach the bottom and run (most of) juniper.

The next mile or so is lovely. Gently climbing to the top of box and eventually appearing beside the Smith and Western with lots of bewildered people enquiring to what we were doing. Another descent and another ascent we were at the top of the stepping stones. A happy new year to Alan and the stairs to the stepping stones were in front of me. Super slowly, super carefully I made it unscathed.

I ran the first couple of stepping stones to realise the mud caked to my shoes meant it was like bambi on ice. I slowed and went back to flailing arm walking my technique of the day. Walk ran to the top and to the finish line. A sprint finish was a no go, the more effort I put in it seems the slower I ran. 

I celebrated my finish with downing a tomato soup and put my finishing t-shirt on with pride. 

Finish time via watch 1:11:19 

Official finish time via event website 1:25:42


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