Hurricanes, Spitfires and Tempests

For the second time in two races this year we had to look at the possibility of cancelling the event in the face...  and then find a solution to make the race work.  Cancellation is the worst possible outcome, but in extreme circumstances we do consider it. 

After a complete drowning at the Molehills, then the prospect of snow at Bookham followed by Sunday's drubbing, all we can hope is we're storing up some stonking weather for the summer events.

In any effect it was a weekend of resistance training just trying to pin down the marquees.  We nearly lost a whole troop of girl guides Mary Poppins style at one point on Saturday.  Thankfully they did come back down again and eventually the wind calmed down enough for us to stop wondering if the marquees would still be there on the Sunday morning. 

With the winds forecast, we did make the decision not to erect anything that would increase wind assistance so down stayed the flags, bannering and finish arch Mizuno had kindly loaned to us.  So we apologise if the airfield looked a little bare on Sunday.  We only had your safety in mind.

Runners seem to be made of stern stuff and you all came into your own on Sunday.  We had a much better turn out than expected and it was fabulous to see you all there.  As race organisers, exceptional conditions do make for a stressful event (really not helped by the clocks going forward an hour - what were we thinking!!) but it also makes for many comedy moments and they came in plentiful.  Especially watching the race director Alan chasing rubbish around the airfield - he claimed about 3 miles of training for the day!

The cameraderie of runners was also great to watch and special mention must go to (the mighty) Eastbourne Rovers Athletics Club who came en masse and mostly worked together to get each other round.

The one outstanding phenomenon this time was the number of e-mails and messages from runners expressing their thanks for the event.  Alan and I put our heart and soul into these events knowing that we're never going to please all of you but hoping that you apppreciate the effort that goes into it.  And we were completly overwhelmed with the wonderful comments from so many of you regarding this.  Thank you.

As always, we have a number of people who tirelessly help us without whom we could never do what we do.  As always, we have many people to thank for without whom, the race would not go ahead.  Firstly, Powerbar UK for your race nutrition; Mizuno Running for bringing the happy bus and sponsoring winners prizes; Run to Live running shop (our retail partner); Laurie King for the medal design;  Girlguiding Surrey (East) for your brilliant marshals; and members of the Run to Live running club (plus other individuals) for answering our pleas for help.

This race was held in support of Touch Neonatal Charity based at St George's Hospital.  First touch offer support to sick and premature babies and their families.  To find out more about the fabulous work First Touch do, or to access other events run by them, the link to their website is here.  First touch is a Registered Charity No 1072500.

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