Polesden 10k - A race report by Laurie

We’ve been so spoilt with sunshine recently it was odd to have a slightly overcast morning, slightly drizzly and no sky peaking through the clouds. Jumper on I helped with setup and enjoyed the atmosphere, it took a long while but I realised my Garmin had crashed and fixed on 7:38 so no watch for me on todays run, which is a first on race day.

I headed over to the start line I nestled into the runners like penguins and waiting for the countdown. Nicky went through the rules before the off and enjoyed listening to the wise words between anxious runners.

We were off, and starting further up the field meant I could find my pace quicker (whatever that was). I spotted my fan base cheering as we headed in front of Polesden Lacey and headed out to the countryside. The route seemed to either be going up or down, very rarely was it flat. Throughout the whole race I felt comfortable, the odd climb my breath was laboured but nothing major, and when we went down it was exciting to see how hard I could push without slipping up.

So i’m at the last little climb where the route cheekily does a run towards the finish line then double backs on itself to take a little bit more out of your legs before a sharp left and finally the finish line is in sight. I picked up my pace and it seemed so did everyone else, planning not to be overtaken at the last moment I kicked a bit more and crossed the finish line grateful to stop before I took out one of the timing chip remover volunteers.

Nice medal too. But I might be biased with that one!

Final time of 49.20 which gave me a 53rd overall (of 364 runners). Very happy with that!

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