View the video from Dr Rob here (he runs Trionium - if hills are indeed friends then check out his fabulous races over the way here).

Nearing the end of the race, when the fruit had been chopped and t-shirts being dispensed and things were flowing smoothly, I looked up from the fruit table to see a lady sobbing away.  "Well, that's not the response we were looking for" I thought.  I decided to go over and make sure she was ok.  After a brief conversation, it turned out they were happy tears.  Relieved, I handed her a t-shirt and ushered her towards the beer (well, if there was ever a need for a beer, it seemed to be now).

After eight years of event organisation, I never cease to be moved by the achievements of people.  Whether it was the fantastic third place of the the tiny Lila Richardson in the fun run (what a performance and well done!) to the lovely lady above who selected a really tough half-marathon for her first (may she wear her shirt proudly).  There is no doubt event organisation is stressful and at times very tough.  But it is moments like these that make it all worthwhile.

With that in mind, we bid Alan a fond farewell from the ETL team.  He has chosen to enjoy his retirement and steps down from the helm.  We would like to welcome Mark who steps up to race director and Paul McGregor who joins the team, replacing Mark as deputy race director.  With the team up to full strength and blossoming, we are very excited about the next eight years.

The team from Sussex Sport Photography with sponsorship from Run to Live worked hard to bring you your free race photographs at Badger this year.  Many thanks to them, you can view them here.

With thanks always to our excellent sponsors Powerbar UK and Run to Live specialist running store.  Our nominated charity, Surrey Wildlife Trust and the marshals from Surrey East Guiding Association, Run to Live running club, various friends and associates and special mention to Nick from ARunners for volunteering when he was injured... Good man!

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