Why do we ban headphones?

Headphones are banned in Events to Live events.  Not to destroy anyones enjoyment or because we have militant fantasies or because we are miserable buggers or HSE crazy or any other reason other than the restriction is imposed on us by the Safety Advisory Group and highways agency who give us permission to use their highways.  We have to provide evidence of the fact we had people spotting those who intentionally flout the rules and that they are disqualified as a result.  They hold the power…

No permission = no insurance = no race.

Primarily The Safety Advisory Groups cites they need to know runners are aware of all things going on around them without restriction, particularly with regards to the safe passage of emergency services through the field to get to an emergency incident.  This requirement is important in parks and private land as well as roads.  Some of our runners ask if they agree to sign a disclaimer are they permitted to use headphones.  Alas, the answer is still no.  The argument regarding signing a disclaimer is invalid.  If an ambulance (for example) runs a runner over accidentally because the runner was unaware of the presence of the vehicle, by law it has to stop.  It means treatment to the person requiring the vehicle is compromised.  The driver is treated as a suspect and can be prosecuted by law and will be suspended from driving until the incident is investigated.  This has implications for the driver, his life and his job. 

Runners wearing headphones have been hit by cars.  We know from our events, runners concentration and hearing is compromised by wearing headphones.  We’ve had too many of our marshals who have had to run after runners who have either ignored or not heard their directions (all these runners without exception have been wearing headphones).  What we are all trying to do as much as we can to prevent an accident from happening by using the information/history we have.  We are legally obliged to do so.  We hope you understand the reason for our policy and use it as an opportunity to enjoy the countryside and get to know fellow runners running along side you.

How do I volunteer to help out at an event?

Our marshals are very important to us, without the help of volunteers our events would not go ahead.  Marshalling is a very rewarding way to be part of the event.  Our marshals have lots of fun and gain a great sense of satisfaction donating their time to help worthwhile causes.  We also think it's only fair that in recognition of your time, you are also rewarded.  So, if you marshal at one of our events as a thank you, you can either claim expenses of £15 (or donate this money to the charity supported by the event) or receive a free entry to one of our events (or £20 off a Bacchus entry).